Welcome to The Studion School for Spiritual Direction.  If you are at a juncture in your life, wondering what’s next? If you are at a crossroads seeking something more in your spiritual life.  If you are looking for new ways to utilize gifts you already have. Or if spiritual direction is already on your radar, then you're in the right place.  In this blog, we'll explore Christian spiritual direction training as a way to answer some or all of these next step questions. Our unique two-year, part-time program is designed to help individuals recalibrate for another chapter in their lives, grow and develop new skills and knowledge, and move into a new phase of purpose and meaning. Let's delve into the profound benefits of this transformative experience.

Understanding Spiritual Direction

Unlocking the Essence 

Spiritual direction is more than just guidance; it's a transformative process embedded in discerning God’s presence and action in everyday experiences, in prayer, in our hearts, in our relationships.  Our program is rooted in long-standing practices of Christian spirituality including opening yourself to a spiritual director to explore your spirituality, your beliefs, your prayers, your connection with Jesus.  We believe that spiritual formation is the cultivation of one’s ability to be both attentive and responsive to God’s love and leading.  This is the essence of transformation.

Nurturing Your Spiritual Journey 

Finding the Right Companion

One of the key benefits of The Studion’s training in Christian spiritual direction is having a spiritual companion. Our skilled and compassionate spiritual directors walk alongside you, offering

support, insight, and encouragement. They create a safe space for self-reflection and exploration,

helping you navigate and discern the nuances, questions, experiences, difficulties, wonders and graces of your relationship with God.

Personal Growth and Transformation 

Embracing Growth

Our program is designed to foster personal growth and transformation. Through a blend of

in-person residencies, online modules, six in-person silent retreats following Jesus in the gospels, and a wide variety of topical learning sessionals, you'll engage in extensive experiential learning, reflection, and integration.  Personal sharing with spiritual directors and the cohort group is a key component of growth and transformation. 

Building a Stronger Faith 

Strengthening Your Connection

The Studion’s Christian spiritual direction training will help you cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. Our training provides a safe place for you to explore your beliefs, doubts, questions, experiences, and new perspectives. Through all of this, you'll make contact with your own soul, open new dimensions of your spirituality, and deepen and enrich your faith.

Becoming Part of Something Bigger

If you're looking for a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for

spiritual growth, The Studion School for Spiritual Direction is the place to be. Join our fifth cohort, set to launch in October 2024, and you'll become part of a community dedicated to exploring Christian spirituality together.

Your spiritual journey is lifelong, and now, at a time when you might be wondering what’s next, Christian spiritual direction training can be the step that takes you into another chapter.  

We would love to be part of that next chapter in your life, your faith, your service.  We offer a depth of insight, a wealth of wisdom, and hands-on practical guidance in skill development based on longstanding personal practice and first-hand experience of what we teach.

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