Our Program: Take a Closer Look

We offer a unique two-year, part-time spiritual direction training program that blends in-person residencies with online modules, following adult learning styles of experience, reflection, and integration.

With a cohort model, you'll be part of a supportive group that stays together throughout the program. One of the program's distinctive features is the 12-14 days of silent retreat time, where you'll engage in specific themes for prayer and meet each day with a spiritual director.

This immersion in silence and guided prayer is at the heart of our training and your spiritual growth. At the end of the spiritual training program, upon completing the three courses, Knowing God and Self, Knowing the Tradition, and Knowing the Practice, graduates will earn a certificate of completion in spiritual direction.

With our Spiritual Training Program, you will be Knowing God and Self, Christian Tradition, and Practice

During The Two Years Participants Will:

  1. Receive spiritual direction (30 hrs);
  2. Complete a practicum offering spiritual direction (50 hrs);
  3. Receive supervision during their practicum work;
  4. Write, share, and discuss 8 theological reflection papers;
  5. Write and present brief reviews on a number of spiritual classics;
  6. Attend and participate in sessionals led by professional instructors;
  7. Engage in several silent retreats following the themes of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius;
  8. Stay on-site through the live-in experience. See current session, cohort 4 dates, (here), and cohort 5 dates, starting in October 2024, (here.)
  9. Keep and maintain a journal for reflections on prayer, personal experience, and spiritual formation.


Sunday, January 8 - Friday, January 13

Sunday, March 5 - Tuesday, March 7

Sunday, April 16 - Tuesday, April 18 (on-line)

Sunday, June 4 - Friday, June 9

Sunday, September 24 - Tuesday, September 26 (on-line)

Sunday, November 12 - Tuesday, November 14


Sunday, January 7 - Friday, January 12

Sunday, February 11 - Tuesday, February 13 (on-line)

Sunday, March 17 - Tuesday, March 19

Sunday, May 5 - Tuesday, May 7 (on-line)

Sunday, June 9- Tuesday, June 11

Sunday, October 6 - Friday, October 11

Personalized Mentorship and Supervision

We believe that one-to-one direction is essential to your growth as a spiritual director. That's why we provide personalized mentorship and supervision to all our students. You'll have the opportunity to work with experienced spiritual directors who will guide you through your practicum and provide feedback on your skills and practice sessions.

A Comprehensive Curriculum for Spiritual Growth

Our program is divided into three courses that provide a comprehensive spiritual formation experience. You'll explore the Ignatian Exercises, learn about Christian tradition, and develop the skills necessary to be an effective spiritual director.


Before entering The Studion I had no experience or understanding of the work of spiritual direction. But as I immersed myself in this whole new world, not only did I learn to develop a love and life of contemplation, but I was awakened to the wonderful gifts of deep-listening, curious questioning, prayerful presence, and silence. In opening myself to this kind of journey, and in learning to trust the process of this way of life, my inner world was led toward a path of freedom and transformation...

— Cindy G., Cohort Three