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Contact The Studion School for Spiritual Direction today to learn more about our affordable, flexible, and comprehensive spiritual direction training program. Our experienced facilitation team and unique curriculum will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to deepen your own spirituality and help others in their spiritual growth. Don't wait, start your journey today.

Deepen Your Spirituality with InterMission Silent Retreats

Experience a weekend of peace and quiet in a directed, silent retreat led by members of our faculty. With personal time for contemplative prayer and reflection, sessions of spiritual mentoring, and all the amenities of the retreat center, you will leave feeling relaxed, spiritually rejuvenated, and closer to God.

Continue Your Growth and Learning with Courses and Workshops

The Studion faculty members offer courses and workshops to help spiritual directors and graduates of The Studion further develop their skill and knowledge in spiritual direction and related topics.


The Studion faculty and graduates also offer spiritual direction to the public.

Ron Klok - Supervisors at Christian Spiritual Direction School

Ron Klok

Heather Cowie - Supervisors at Studion School

Heather Cowie

Shelly King - Supervisors at Christian Spiritual Direction School

Shelly King

Julianne Gilchrist- Supervisors at Studion School

Julianne Gilchrist

upcoming courses, retreats and workshops

InterMission Silent Retreat

May 31 to June 2, 2024

King’s Fold Retreat Centre

$500, Includes: 2 nights’ accommodation, 4 meals, 2-3 spiritual direction sessions, all the amenities of the retreat centre including the beauty of the Rockies.


Get a Taste of The Studion:

Spiritual Direction, Psychotherapy and Pastoral Counseling 

 February 21, 2024, 7PM.

In this 75-minute free online session you can get a taste of The Studion by participating in a presentation that outlines similarities and distinctions between the helping professions of Spiritual Direction, Psychotherapy and Pastoral Counseling. Q&A about the presentation and program will follow.

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Why Spiritual Direction? 

 April 23, 2024, 7PM.

In this 75-minute free online session you can get a taste of The Studion by participating in a presentation that asks the question, Why Spiritual Direction? What exactly is the concern of spiritual direction, and what can I hope to gain from training in spiritual direction? How would this training compare to, say, a master’s degree in spiritual formation?

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The Dark Night, Desolation and Depression

A Retreat for Spiritual Directors on The Dark Night of the Soul

April 26-28, 2024

The Star of the North Retreat Centre, St. Albert, AB.

This retreat will focus on the importance of discerning the signs of the different stages of The Dark Night of the Soul as described by St. John of the Cross. These signs will then be used to explore the differences between the Dark Night of the Soul, Ignatian Spiritual Desolation and Depression. The retreat leader will provide some input, however, learning and growth will come as we each share out of our own experiences of darkness as well as experiences of accompanying others. This retreat is intended for trained spiritual directors. Facilitated by Heather Cowie. Fee is $450.



The Studion was an unexpected gift in my own formation journey. When I entered the program, I expected to add tools for a ministry role in my church. I gained tools but I also found an identity and sureness in God’s great love that previously was not mine. That encounter with God and the wisdom of the faculty created a foundation that led to richer, better thinking about God’s presence and action in this world. The experience has become a plumb line by which I measure my leadership and my companionship. I am so grateful for the renovating of my soul that occurred through the Studion.

— Pam U., Cohort Two

There are opportunities in life that will continue to pay dividends far surpassing the initial investment. This has been my experience with training in Spiritual Direction with The Studion. Becoming a Spiritual Director has been the side benefit to the central transformation in my life, knowing and walking with Jesus in a profound way. You will not regret setting aside time for learning, and sharing community with those on a similar journey, all under the tender care of experienced leaders.

— Ann K., Cohort One

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