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My experience in the Studion School for Spiritual Direction was profound, life-giving, and life changing. I loved every moment. As a result of my time there, I am working as a Spiritual Director and retreat director both in-person and online. The experience opened the door to a new way of living and working. I encourage anyone seeking a closer relationship with God, deeper faith, and a more mature understanding of Christian spirituality to engage in this program.

— Allan F., Cohort One

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Our Spiritual Director can guide you on a profound journey of developing love through six silent, focused retreats

The combination of contemplative retreats, learning, and community---these nourished, expanded and brought healing to my soul. The Studion taught me new languages that opened my world, such as appreciating the sacredness of holding each other’s stories, the beauty of silence, spiritual exercises and so much more. My relationship with God and others deepened and I have decided to be a spiritual director because of this journey.

— Allyson R., Cohort Two

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