The Studion is a two year, part-time program that follows a cohort model (one group for the duration).  The two years will consist of live-in modules in which participants stay at a retreat centre for two to five nights at a time.

Specific dates for the current and upcoming cohorts can be found here.

Students will earn a certificate in spiritual direction from upon completion of the requirements of the program.  

A distinctive feature of this training is the amount of silent retreat time (10-14 days in total) in which participants engage in specific themes for prayer and meet each day with a spiritual director.  We believe that it is this experiential engagement in silence, retreats, and prayer that will be the most important element to the training we offer.    

  During the two years participants will:

  1. receive their own spiritual direction (30 hrs);

  2. complete practicum work in offering spiritual direction (40 hrs)

  3. receive supervision during their practicum work;

  4. write, share and discuss 10 theological reflection papers;

  5. write and present brief reviews on a number of spiritual classics;

  6. attend and participate in sessionals led by professional instructors;

  7. engage in several silent retreats following the themes of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius;

  8. stay on site through the live-in experience (see current session dates here); and

  9. keep and maintain a journal for reflections on prayer, personal experience, and spiritual formation.