Get To Know...Pam Ukrainetz

Pam pic.jpeg

Pam is a current Studion student. We asked her a few questions about her experience so far. Here is what she had to say.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself--what does your life look like when you’re not at The Studion?

A: I am a woman who is a wife, mom of 3 adult children and part time pastor of care ministries in our local church.  I have a nursing degree that I left behind in my early parenting years. I feel like I have been asking “what will I be when I grow up for 20 years.”  I think I’m finally catching a glimpse of it.

Q: What led you to be interested in spiritual direction and The Studion?

A: It was a combination of my experience at work and hearing what Spiritual Direction facilitates in the lives of others.  In my work, so often it feels like people are asking, “Where is God in this?”, “I can’t hear God.”, “What if I don’t believe in God any more?”.  I think The Studion is going to sharpen the practice that has been unknowingly growing in me.

Q: How has your experience been with The Studion so far?

A: It has been rich and challenging.  (I have a sense already this season together is going to slip by too fast).  The reading we do in preparation for each module is thought provoking and sharpens us.  The theological reflection and practical discussions are immensely valuable. I love the learning I am participating in.

Q: What are you hoping to do with what you learn?

A: I think my knowledge will first be put to use in my office.  In a way, I have been directing people without realizing it. I am looking forward to intentionally leaning in to their journey’s with greater skill.  After that, I would love to see what could unfold in the realm of leading prayer for our church family or even retreats. I’m not sure what all the next steps will be, but for now I know this was the next right one for me.  

Julianne Gilchrist